Choose the Land Rover Discovery for Its Sleek and Updated Design

If you are looking for a vehicle that will hold a good number of passengers, consider the Land Rover Discovery. This popular seven passenger vehicle is designed well and made to suit your tastes.

The exterior of the Land Rover Discovery is sculpted in a way that helps this vehicle to stand out from every one of the SUvs that are around it. The special grille at the front of this vehicle help people know that it is special from the moment that they first lay eyes on it.  

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The Discovery Sport Keeps You Safe on Your Adventures

You want to go places and do things, so you want a large SUV that has the capability to do what you want. Enter the Land Rover Discovery Sport. This popular vehicle is roomy enough to seat seven passengers comfortably and also has the capability to get you where you want to go, no matter what the conditions.

Whether your traveling in rain or snow, on gravel, pavement or sand, the Discovery Sport's All-Terrain Progress control will help keep you safe on any surface while you concentrate on driving. 

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What's in the Wax on Your Car?

Waxing the car is part of routine maintenance for some people, but many don't know exactly what they are putting on their vehicle. If you're one of them, here's a quick primer to make you a more informed car owner.

Wax, which is a hard hydrocarbon when at room temperature, originates from plants and other natural sources, or comes as a man-made synthetic. Getting it ready for vehicle use requires the addition of oils and solvents to soften the wax so that it spreads easily. 

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Land Rover Discovery - When It's All About Performance

When you’re looking for an SUV that offers a roomy interior, a stylish and durable exterior, great performance and efficiency, you really don’t need to look much further than the Land Rover Discovery, a popular 7-passenger SUV. Stop at Land Rover Roaring Fork and see the Land Rover Discovery for yourself. Our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have.

The Land Rover Discovery was built with materials that are lighter yet more durable than its predecessors, which combine to give you not only great performance but also the strength to withstand bad driving conditions…

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Ready for Spring? Make Sure Your Car is, Too

Your car needs regular maintenance check-ups in order to work properly. In addition to oil changes, it's vital that you have your car's tires checked and rotated, your alignment checked, and even your air conditioner examined. Proper maintenance ensures your car runs smoothly and lasts for many years.

Did you know that your car's fluids needs to be regularly checked and topped off? In addition to fluid checks, you may also need to have a brake check-up or repair performed. 

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Brake Fluid: Purpose and Problems

Your car's brake system needs brake fluid at the proper level to stop properly. Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid that provides pressure to the brakes when you press on the brake pedal. You will notice certain signs when the brake fluid needs to be replaced.

If the brake light comes on in your car, you should get the brake fluid level checked. If your car takes a lot longer distance to come to a stop, that is a sign of possible brake fluid problems. If your car's brakes are soft, get your brake fluid checked…

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Signs That Your Exhaust System Has a Leak

The exhaust is one of your car's most important systems, and if it's leaking, that means it's not removing harmful combustion gases in a proper manner. That situation could ultimately affect you and your passengers.

Small leaks can develop over time, so it's wise to inspect your exhaust system periodically, starting at the engine and going the entire way to the tailpipe. The spot where the exhaust manifold attaches to the cylinder head is particularly prone to leakage. 

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How You Can Avoid the Risk of Hydroplaning

Rain showers not only reduce your visibility on roadways, they also increase your risk of hydroplaning, losing steering or braking control when water builds up under the tires faster than it can be pushed away. Our auto service team at Land Rover Roaring Fork recommends the following safety tips to lower your risk of hydroplaning.

Simply slowing down, driving at least 10 miles under the speed limit, greatly decreases your risk of hydroplaning. Also, never accelerate suddenly when roadways are wet. 

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Explore the Importance of Your Timing Belt

You've probably heard of someone's timing belt going bad, but what exactly does a timing belt do? That is why our team here at Land Rover Roaring Fork are here to give you the basics.

Simply put, a timing belt works with the camshafts in your vehicle to properly open and close the many valves in your engine so that they operate properly. Experts agree that a standard timing belt typically lasts between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. This number can of course be higher or lower depending on how diligently it is serviced throughout its lifetime…

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What are Common Signs of Brake Pad Failure?

"Screech," you hear as you put your foot on the brake pedal to stop at an intersection. If you know that we're talking about the sound that your brakes make when the calipers and rotors are rubbing together, then you might also know that worn-out brake pads also have something to do with this.

You see, brake pads are a barrier between the calipers that compress to stop the wheels and the rotors that spin with the wheels. Without brake pads, or with brake pads that are wearing thin, you will begin to hear the tell-tale screeching sound that…

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