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Explore the Importance of Your Timing Belt

You've probably heard of someone's timing belt going bad, but what exactly does a timing belt do? That is why our team here at Land Rover Roaring Fork are here to give you the basics.

Simply put, a timing belt works with the camshafts in your vehicle to properly open and close the many valves in your engine so that they operate properly. Experts agree that a standard timing belt typically lasts between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. This number can of course be higher or lower depending on how diligently it is serviced throughout its lifetime…

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Upcoming Land Rover Velar boasts equal measure of luxury sophistication and rugged capability!

Whoever said that refined vehicles can't be rugged has obviously never seen the new Range Rover Velar. This much-anticipated addition to the Range Rover family offers ample style and capability for those who frequently find themselves venturing off the beaten path in search of adventure here in Colorado. However, even with its impressive performance credentials and penchant for tackling tough terrain with confidence, the Range Rover Velar still manages to boast a degree of luxury feature sophistication that's simply unrivaled by even its less capable competitors.


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