The Range Rover has been an extremely popular luxury SUV model for many years, a favorite for many drivers. The new Range Rover expands on its popularity by having a wide array of technology features added to it.

Speed Lowering

When the Range Rover reaches 65 mph, the Speed Lowering system uses electronic air suspension to lower the vehicle by half an inch to reduce fuel consumption and drag.

Dynamic and Comfort Modes

As parts of the Terrain Response system, the dynamic and comfort modes change the Range Rover's suspension to give a different driving style. The dynamic mode delivers a firmer suspension and the comfort mode alters the suspension for a more comfortable ride.

With so many new features on the Range Rover, at Land Rover Roaring Fork we've educated our staff on the ins and outs of them all. This ensures that during your visit you receive the most accurate information and demonstrations on all of these great features. We're excited to have you visit and set up a test drive of the Range Rover today.


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