Long roadtrips call for a vast repertoire of fun games that will keep passengers busy and drivers sane along the way. Whether you are trying to entertain small children, teenagers, or adults, there are many roadtrip game options that everyone can partake in. Being prepared for which games you plan to play along the way is also a great preparation tool that will set you up for success.

One game that is well-loved by passengers old enough to identify letters of the alphabet consists of finding each letter of the alphabet on road signs that you travel by. Beginning with the letter "A" and working your way to the letter "Z" passengers in the car take turns searching passing road signs for their assigned letter.

Another traditional, but popular, game among families on roadtrips is "I Spy." We have all played it, but for some reason it just seems so much more fun on a roadtrip. This game is played by one passenger spotting an object of a specific color. The selecting passenger names the color of the object to other passengers, who then try to guess what object they are talking about.


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