Land Rover Roaring Fork wants everyone in Glenwood Springs to understand some important tips for sharing the road. Bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians all use our roadways today. Here are some important safety reminders.

As a driver, remember that bicyclists and pedestrians are more vulnerable to road hazards. You should give them plenty of space, and always pass in safe areas while reducing your speed. You can also scan the area around you to make sure there aren't any other possible threats for bicyclists. Try to anticipate any difficulties that may arise.

Almost 1,000 bicyclists lose their lives each year due to collisions with automobiles. Many of these tragedies could have been prevented by allowing adequate space between a vehicle and a bicycle. Remain at a safe distance, wait for a safe opportunity, and pass. You should also make sure that the bicyclist knows you are approaching.


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