As Halloween approaches, it is important to plan and be prepared to protect the Trick-or-Treaters and yourself from traffic accidents. Here at Land Rover Roaring Fork, we take safety seriously. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a report naming Halloween as one of the top three days for accidents involving pedestrians.

To help protect our friends and neighbors, here are some tips for drivers to help make sure Halloween is safe and fun for everyone.

  • Be extra vigilant. Children will be distracted and are likely to dash between parked cars
  • Drive slowly, especially in residential areas
  • Even during daytime, use your headlights
  • Scan for movement as you drive
  • Use caution entering and exiting driveways
  • Have your car in good condition. Inspect the function of your car's headlights, horn, and brakes

Do not take chances. Stop by and test drive one of our vehicles if you are in doubt about your car’s safety.



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