Your vehicle is a complex machine full of moving parts that perform important jobs. If one of these parts is damaged or is not working to its full potential, then it can cause serious damage to the whole vehicle. Our team at Land Rover Roaring Fork wants our customers to be able to know when their vehicle is not running properly so they can have it fixed.

One of the most common failures on any vehicle is the starter motor. One of the clearest ways to check if your starter is working at full potential is to perform a cold start. If it struggles, then you may have a battery or starter issue. You can also physically inspect your starter and if it is covered in oil from an oil leak, it could experience a shorter lifespan. If you notice any harsh noises, grinding, or smoke on startup, then you should have your vehicle checked out immediately.

Our automotive service team is comprised of experts that can help find the cause of any issues your vehicle may have. You can stop by our service center to get an inspection and to get our expert opinion on any repairs you may need.


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