Ranger Rover Velar Stands Out From Crowd

Range Rover is quickly making a name for itself and standing out in the crowded field of small luxury SUVs with the new Velar. This popular compact premium SUV delivers everything that you need in a vehicle of this size and stature. The Velar experts at Land Rover Roaring Fork want to show you how this venerable SUV can meet all of your automotive expectations.

On the outside, the Velar is distinguished by its modern and progressive design. The patented Range Rover floating roof gives the Velar a look of individuality. The curved body and continuous waistline are both simple yet elegant.

Once inside the Range Rover Velar, you will find a bevy of masterfully crafted interior design elements. Premium leather seating, individual sliding armrests, customized mood lighting options, and a host of technological and infotainment features welcome you in to enjoy a comfortable and convenient driving experience with each turn.



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