Controlling Pet Hair in Your Car

Detailing your car is hard enough, but when you've got a pet that leaves fur on your upholstery every time you travel with them, it creates a whole new challenge. Head off the worst of the mess by brushing your pet just before you leave to get rid of extra fur.

Keep your pet inside a crate while they travel or lay a protective cover over the seat to keep the fur from embedding itself into the fabric. You can thoroughly vacuum your seats using a fur attachment on your vacuum, and if you've still got fur, try a few creative ways to remove it.

A typical party balloon creates a magnetic effect with static electricity. Rub it over your seats to pick up loose hairs that will stick onto the balloon's surface. You can also spray your fabric with water and rub it with a rubber glove to pull the hairs out and form them into clumps, making them easier to remove.



Categories: Service
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