The Value of Winter Wiper Blades

Getting your vehicle ready for the cold involves several factors. In addition to checking your tire tread and fluids, be sure to inspect your wiper blades. If they show any sign of wear or if they're older than six months old, it's recommended that they be replaced.

Wiper blades play a key role in helping you see clearly during a storm. Since winter storms may involve snow and ice, you can consider getting blades designed for the elements. Winter wiper blades usually have squeegees made out of natural rubber mixed with synthetic compounds. This gives them better flexibility in low temperatures when compared to standard blades, which could become hard and brittle in the winter.

Winter wiper blades can also come with a protective cover over their frame, preventing ice and snow from building up in the joints. At Land Rover Roaring Fork, we offer several types of wiper blades and would be happy to help you.



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