What do you consider when you buy a new car? Is it safety, performance, design or something entirely different? Couples with children often look for the LATCH (Local Anchors and Tethers for Children) ratings before they purchase a vehicle. We at Land Rover Roaring Fork want to arm you with as much knowledge as possible regarding child safety, LATCH ratings and the vehicles we have available.

When looking at LATCH ratings, many people don’t know what they mean or what the ratings are based up. Here is some info.

  • Accessibility of lower anchors
  • Clearance angle
  • Attachment Force
  • Location of tether anchors
  • Hardware confusion

Choosing to protect your children is an easy choice. Choosing the right restraints should be just as easy. If you still have questions or are in the market for child restraints or a new vehicle, come to the showroom and allow us to show you what we have.



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