Back-to-School Tire Alignment Servicing on Your Vehicle

If your vehicle alignment is off, you will certainly notice it when you are driving. Here are a few things to look out for with your vehicle.

Whether you drove the car into a curb or hit an enormous pothole, it didn't take much for the alignment to become out of balance. The first way you can tell there is trouble is in the way the vehicle reacts when you hit the brakes. Tap the brakes when traveling at high speeds and you'll feel the car pull to one side. The longer this persists, the harder the pull and the more other components of the steering become damaged.

The tires on your vehicle are starting to wear in uneven patterns now that the alignment is off. If this happens too long, the outer edge of the tread is wearing fast. This is the thinnest part of the tire, and as that area begins to wear, it could expose the parts of the tire that make it vulnerable to blowout. If the tire does fail when you are traveling at high speeds, a blowout puts you and other drivers in a very bad situation.

Bring the car to Land Rover Roaring Fork and we can set up a back-to-school maintenance appointment.



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