The Advantages of Having a Full Gas Tank

When it comes to maintaining your car’s functioning, you want to ensure that all components of your car are sufficiently fixed. Well, what if you go out to your vehicle on a winter day and try to start it and it fails? Chances are, you’re gonna think that your car is in trouble, especially if you attempt to start it over and over with no luck. Maybe the problem is as simple as a gas tank with moisture freeze which blocks the passage to the engine.

If you allow your car to sit during winter months in freezing weathers without a full tank of gas, that empty portion of the gas tank can develop moisture. If moisture is exposed to freezing temperatures, what can happen? That’s right, it’ll freeze. And if that moisture freezes, the pathway from the gas tank to the engine is blocked, disallowing gas from getting to the engine and preventing your car from starting. For your information, temperatures would have to reach -40 degrees celsius in order for gas to freeze, a temperature that we don’t get on planet earth.

Many Glenwood Springs customers are recipients of this disadvantage, but you do not have to be. Stop by Land Rover Roaring Fork to find a suitable vehicle for your daily adventures and remember to always top up your tank!


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