How do Sidetanks Work in Vertical Flow Radiators?

Radiators and radiator systems come in many shapes and sizes. Radiators, in particular, have many different design patterns. Two of the main varieties include vertical flow radiators and side flow radiators. Knowing the difference between the two can give you insights into how to better care for your system.

Vertical flow radiators have flow patterns that allow coolant to flow from the top of the radiator to the bottom. Vertical flow radiators make use of gravity to assist in moving the coolant through the system.

Unlike side flow radiators, vertical flow designs have inlet and outlet tanks located at the tops and bottoms of the core. The coolant gathers in the upper chamber and disperses from the lower chamber.

Both kinds of radiator designs require regular preventative maintenance checks to ensure proper operation. Here at our facility in the Glenwood Springs, CO area, our certified cooling system technicians have experience working on a variety of radiator designs. Swing by our Land Rover service shop today to talk to us about maintaining your radiator and cooling system components.

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