Signs That Your Exhaust System Has a Leak

The exhaust is one of your car's most important systems, and if it's leaking, that means it's not removing harmful combustion gases in a proper manner. That situation could ultimately affect you and your passengers.

Small leaks can develop over time, so it's wise to inspect your exhaust system periodically, starting at the engine and going the entire way to the tailpipe. The spot where the exhaust manifold attaches to the cylinder head is particularly prone to leakage. Intermittent hissing or popping while the engine is running, discolored or burnt paint near the exhaust ports, vibrations in the steering wheel, foot pads or seats as well well as reduced gas mileage are all signs that your exhaust system could be leaking.

When you see this signs, bring your vehicle in to the car service department at Land Rover Roaring Fork for a full inspection. We'll quickly remedy any exhaust problems found.

Categories: Service
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