How You Can Avoid the Risk of Hydroplaning

Rain showers not only reduce your visibility on roadways, they also increase your risk of hydroplaning, losing steering or braking control when water builds up under the tires faster than it can be pushed away. Our auto service team at Land Rover Roaring Fork recommends the following safety tips to lower your risk of hydroplaning.

Simply slowing down, driving at least 10 miles under the speed limit, greatly decreases your risk of hydroplaning. Also, never accelerate suddenly when roadways are wet. Check your tires on a regular basis for signs of tread wear or invest in tires designed to prevent hydroplaning. Have your tires rotated and balanced on a regular schedule. Our Land Rover service department can help you with that!

Another way to decrease your risk of hydroplaning is to avoid using cruise control when roadways are wet or rainfall is heavy. Smart drivers employ all of these tips to prevent hydroplaning!

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