Comprehending what Key Cautioning Lights Infer in Your Land Rover

Being vigilant of the dashboard cautioning lights in your beloved Land Rover SUV can conceivably spare you from a costly repair bill, and they are also significant to your overall safety and security while driving. Below are the essential cautioning lights that you should always keep an eye out for:

Oil Cautioning Light

Much the same as your auto's water or coolant cautioning light, you may see the oil warning light glimmer up if oil temperature gets too high. Oil is the fluid that greases up your motor and prevents it from overheating. If temperatures in your engine get too high, the quality of the oil can be diminished or lost altogether. The outcome is costly damage done on your engine and powertrain, so when you see this notice sign, you should always call a certified service team right away, just like the one here at Land Rover Roaring Fork!

Tire Weight Cautioning Light

Tire weight checking frameworks can detect a deviation far from standard tire weights, implying that there is a puncture present. This clever gadget will streak a notification light on the dashboard, meaning you should investigate the health of your tires.

If you have any issues or questions with your dashboard cautioning lights, visit us at the Land Rover Roaring Fork service center for assistance that you can count on!

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